What Men Want from Women

What men want from women? Come on ladies, surely you know this already? Men want SEX. We want it NOW. None of this love rubbish. What men want from women is lots of lovely, dirty SEX. In fact, the first thing you need to do ladies is leave this web page now and find your man. It doesn’t matter where he is. If he is at home with you, that is easy. Go find him, put your hand on a tender portion of his anatomy (no,ladies, not his knee), and whisper to him, ‘I want you inside me, now.’

Of course, it may not be convenient for you to just drop everything and have sex. That doesn’t matter. The more inconvenient, the better. If you have to go to great lengths to have sex with him, he will appreciate you more. If you are at home and he is at work, phone him to tell him you have a surprise for him. Turn up at his work and give him a blow-job under his desk, or take him into the toilets and have sex with him. Or wait till he comes home, and open the door naked. Make sex an important part of your life with him, and don’t just do it in bed last thing at night, that can be boring. Sex should never be boring. Make it spontaneous, fun and exciting and have a laugh with your sex.

Ladies, trust me on this. Forget about the importance of communication skills. Men and women having sex may not be as important to you as men and women making love, but you know that men and women think differently. If you want the intimacy and closeness you crave from your man, recognise that men and women are different and give him all the sex he can cope with. You will definitely reap the rewards.

And, of course, when it comes to sex, there is nothing better for a man than a blow-job. Oral sex is important to a man. It just feels so good. Having his penis in your mouth gives an intensity of pleasure that the man just doesn’t get with intercourse. The feel of your tongue and lips pleasuring his penis is like no other feeling. A blow-job means that the man does not have to ‘perform’, and though he may deny it there is always performance anxiety involved in making love to a woman. With oral sex the man can just lie back and enjoy the sensations without having to think of pleasing you. Blow-jobs are truly wonderful for a man. Give him a blow-job once or twice a week and you will never have to face the prospect of losing him. That is how important oral sex is to a man. What men want from women is lots of sex, and oral sex especially.

In the battle of the sexes, sex is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, and the reason why we poor downtrodden males will always be crushed under The Enemy’s very expensive shoes. ‘You show me yours and I’ll show you mine,’ as the old game goes. ‘I have one of these, you haven’t got one of these.’ ‘No, but I have one of these, and with one of these I can get as many of those as I want.’ What men want from women is one of those, and for as long as that remains true, the battle of the sexes remains a losing battle for men.

Of course, sex is not the only thing men want from women, and probably not the most important. But it becomes the most important as soon as it becomes scarce. Men will have affairs to get sex, men will do anything to get sex. As a lady, it makes sense if you make sure that your man gets plenty of sex at home. Keeping him happy is ninety per cent of the work in keeping you happy.

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