Revenge of the Fallen

by Ellie

This is the usual story. Met my ex, he was awesome, started dating, met his friends, we all hung out. Then he decided to turn into a douche.

He wouldn't contact me, he'd barely reply to my msgs (only when he wanted sex of course). I'd see him out with other girls, sometimes with his ex. A real keeper.

I went for a trip to Europe for two months and when I returned, he reappeared and wanted to get back together. Surprise surprise.

This time armed with bitterness and intellect, I still had most of his mates numbers. I'd see him during the week and then during the weekends I'd txt his mates to come out. They all did.

One by one, I worked my way round his mates and it was delicious.

He pissed off yet again, and came back. Each time with me not wanting anything to do with him.

It's great to know that if he ever tries to fuck with me again, I will destroy him with this.

Elise (SBI!)

(p.s really couldn't think of a better title, sorry!)

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Jan 23, 2012
Don't let it make you bitter NEW
by: Francis

As a man I wanted to tell you this story made me sad. Not for you OR him, for both of you.

Please don't try to base your relationship on power struggles (only) - I feel it may not be healthy on the long run.

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