Revenge feels so good

by carlos

Well, a couple of years ago my girlfriend at that time broke up with me and i wasn't planning to get any revenge. I am a very quiet person but at certain time that desire of doing something to calm the beast inside didn't let me sleep at all. Sometimes trying to figure out what to do can be so frustrating, specially when everything is over and there's nothing else to do; UNLESS (lol) you have your girlfriend's email password (of course, without her to notice) so the best thing i could do was delete all her email account, and after a while she was wondering what happened, she even asked me if i knew something about, of course, what should i have said about it?? something like " YEAHHH RIGHT, you first blame me for our relation and now for your email account?? LOL. There's nothing worse for them than to lose their email account. BELIEVE ME!!!

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Nov 09, 2010
Nice one
by: Charles Evans

Well done Carlos. Nice, anonymous revenge with no real harm done. Better than murder, and less likelihood of dire consequences.

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