Painful Indiscretion

by Reesie

Loving this website....K here it goes.

A few years back before I met my husband I was "dating" this random dude. I knew something wasn't quite right with this dude. He was extremely secretive and when we went out I had to drive even though he had a car. And for whatever reason I always dropped him off somewhere like walmart or mcdonald's instead of at home....this raises some i refused to sleep with him...and the reason became crystal clear a week later.

So Im at home and I get a phone call....FROM HIS PREGNANT WIFE!!! She was very respectful as she proceeded to ask me if I was "f*****g" her husband. Of course I was honest by telling her no because I had my suspicions. I really felt for her because she was very emotional yet humble when she and I were talking. I gave her my apologies and ended the gets better...15 mins later she calls me with the names of 4 other girls...1 of which had HERPES that he was screwing. Lucky me...better yet lucky him cuz I might have killed him If he gave me a lifetime disease. So we all met up at my apartment and concocted a plan...hehehe.

I call him the next night and tell him I was ready to take our "relationship" to the next level. He was more than excited to jump at that opportunity. So i had the lights dim, something cooking and the sexiest outfit in my wardrobe on. He came over IN HIS OWN CAR FOR ONCE and I let him think i was kinky...I stripped him down and handcuffed him 2 my bed post....he was tooo excited...until...his wife emerged from my kitchen with a cup of boiling hot beer and we stood side by side...I had to let homegirl shine....and she poured it on his very erect penis. Then the other 4 girls emerged from my closet and proceeded to beat all hell outta him. Of course I had bright yellow paint that I poured all over his brand new (at the time) 2004 shiny black benz coupe. After that hot beer, I doubt he's screwing anything anymore...and he's divorced...with herpes. HA!!


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Jul 18, 2013
Love it NEW
by: Kat

Some will think you went to far. These ppl don't know it was not their heart or feelings that got treated like they didn't matter! Put a smile on my face to read your story!!

Aug 07, 2011
You are a naughty girl......
by: Chas

Wonderful stuff. I don't understand myself why men cheat. All these women have mothers, and one mother-in-law is quite bad enough. Five must be a total nightmare.

Thank you for your contribution.

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