How to Remember Names

Guys, please learn how to remember names. It is good for your health. As an example, consider what will happen if you come down to breakfast tomorrow morning and call your wife Joan, when her name is actually Liz. The battle of the sexes will turn into a bloodbath. She will probably kill you, or at best hit you over the head with a blunt instrument. And then you will spend the rest of your life explaining just exactly who Joan is. Not a pleasant scenario. It pays to remember the name of your wife or girlfriend. It makes sense.

Ok, perhaps that scenario is not very likely. If it is, you have a serious problem which is beyond the scope of this website. If you have a lover called Joan, at least be clever enough to remember that your wife’s name is Liz. If you are going to lie and cheat, which by the way I do not recommend (it is hard work), you need a very good memory. Learn how to remember names instead, it is easier. And much easier than explaining why you cry out ‘Oh Joan’ when you are making love to Liz.

Forgetting names is easy. All you have to do when you meet someone new is not pay attention. Have you ever been in a situation where you were introduced to an attractive lady, and a minute later you couldn’t remember her name? The reason is quite simple – you weren’t listening in the first place. You were probably looking at her breasts and imagining what you were going to do to her later. A tip, guys. If you don’t remember her name, you are unlikely to be doing anything to her later.

So my first tip to remember names is this: listen carefully to the name and make sure you get it right. The lady says to you, ‘Hi, My name is Liz Taylor’. You say ‘Hello Liz Taylor, nice to meet you.’ Use the name. Perhaps you know the old adage ‘Use it or you lose it’. This is true of names as well. And use the surname as well. Don’t just say ‘Hello Liz,’, say ‘Hello Liz Taylor’. You can bet nobody else has ever said that to her, so she will remember you as well. And keep using the name until it is imbedded in your memory, never to leave. Keep asking yourself ‘What is her name’. And make sure every time that you still know the answer. Sure, it takes a little work, but foreplay does take work.

Perhaps the name is slightly more complicated. ‘Hi, my name is Angelina Papadopoulos’. Most people glaze over at the thought of a name which is slightly complicated and make no attempt to remember it. The secret is to make sure that you’ve got the name right. The person you are talking to won’t mind, in fact she will be flattered that you are taking the trouble to remember her name. Nobody else does. ‘Did you say Angelina? You certainly look divine.’

If you are in any doubt, ask her to repeat her name. You can spend the whole evening going over her name with her. People love the sound of their own name. Ask her to spell it for you so you are sure you have it right. Write it down so that you are sure you know it. Show it to her so that she can check you have it right. Give her the pen and ask her to write her phone number down as well. Do all this in a relaxed and jocular way and you will be amazed how many phone numbers you get. All because you went to the trouble of getting her name right and, of course, making her feel like the most important lady in the world. Turn it all into a game, and learning how to remember names becomes foreplay.

Of course, that is only half the story. There’s no point remembering names unless you can fit the name to the person. You have to remember the name AND what she looks like. It is not a good idea to take her home, have your wicked way with her, then not recognise her the next time you meet. More on this HERE.

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