How to have sex

So you think you know how to have sex? And I dare say you probably do, but I am here to suggest an alternative, in more ways than one. When you were young, you knew how to have sex. In. Out. Repeat if necessary. Then you progressed. You learnt to start at the top and work your way down.

Sex is usually divided up into foreplay and intercourse. You feel around a bit, kiss and snog, then things heat up. You end up naked, probably, with the man playing with her breasts and pussy, and her playing with his penis. This doesn’t last long because both are getting turned on, so you proceed fairly rapidly to intercourse. Then the man has an orgasm, the lady might or might not have an orgasm, and that is that.

This is ok for the man, as he has had his orgasm, but very hit and miss for the female. This is about the only time the man wins out in the battle of the sexes. But he won’t keep winning for long if his lady is not satisfied.

There is a better way to have sex. Good sex can become better sex, and better sex can become great sex. This is a method to keep the lady VERY happy which I learnt from Dr John Gray’s ‘Mars and Venus in the Bedroom’. I call it ALTERNATE SEX. This is how to have sex.

Alternate sex is precisely what it sounds like. Each partner takes it in turns to pleasure the other. This means ‘I do something for you, then you do something for me, then I do something for you, then you do something for me……’ This is how I became the Sex God I am today.

You start with the kissing and groping as usual. Soon you end up naked. That is when alternate sex begins. Gentlemen, you now give your partner pleasure and make her orgasm. There are many ways to do that. One of my favourites is massaging her breasts and nipples with baby oil while she masturbates. She can bring herself off with her fingers or with a vibrator. After she has her first orgasm and has recovered, she starts on you. Let her masturbate you, but make sure you don’t have an orgasm. Wait until just before the point of no return, then take her hand and gently move it away from your penis.

Then it is her turn again. Perhaps oral sex this time. Go down on her and lick her to orgasm. I won’t give any tips on how to do that, except that you must keep doing the same thing at the same speed until she has her orgasm. Vary the speed or change what you are doing, and her arousal just grinds to a halt.

When she has recovered from her orgasm, it is your turn again. This time perhaps she can masturbate the man with both hands using baby oil, or give him a blow-job. Once again, the man must not have an orgasm. It will be more difficult this time, because by now he is VERY excited. Once again, stop her before it is too late.

Then it is her turn again. Do you get the point? This can go on for ages, with her having orgasms every time the man pleasures her, but the man holding back every time she pleasures him. If you don’t think this is much fun for the man, think again. Every time the man gets close to orgasm, he is getting more and more aroused, and with a bit of practice he will reach plateaux of pleasure he never thought possible.

This breaks the link between foreplay and intercourse and the inevitable end of sex. As you practise this, use different positions for intercourse as well, with the man stopping short of orgasm every time. When the man does finally orgasm, the power of the orgasm will be mindblowing and totally draining. By the time the lady has had half a dozen orgasms, she will be willing to do anything he wants, so he should be able to choose whether he has his orgasm inside her, or in her mouth, or any other way he chooses.

And that is alternate sex. In my experience, when men and women learn how to have sex in this way, they will be reluctant to go back to the old scenario of foreplay followed by intercourse followed by orgasm. The trick for the man is to get the lady to forget how many orgasms she has had. That is definitely worth a few brownie points in the battle of the sexes.

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