How to have safe sex

How to have safe sex is of course an important topic in human sexuality and the battle of the sexes. The consequences of unsafe sex can be inconvenient, dire or lethal, as we have already seen. (If you haven’t read the page on preventing sexually transmitted diseases click here

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How to have safe sex Method One. Don’t have any sex at all. Abstinence is a pretty safe way to have safe sex.. If you don’t do it, nothing happens. Stay a virgin until you are 97, and you should be OK. If you never come into contact with another human being, you are unlikely to get the clap. You are also unlikely to have much fun, unless of course you indulge in Safe Sex Method Two.

Method Two is masturbation. Masturbation is great fun. If you are worried about going blind, pay frequent visits to an optician. Frequent check-ups are an important method of ensuring that you are not blind. Masturbation should not be indulged in excessively (but don’t worry, you are the only person who knows how often you are doing it, and you are the only person who defines ‘excessive’). This method has another advantage in that you will probably realise if you are going blind, and be able to moderate your excesses accordingly.

Not to say that masturbation is entirely safe. If your Mum walks in on you with a cup of tea, you may end up with first degree burns on a particularly sensitive portion of your anatomy. And please make sure you don’t use the same hand all the time. If you do, one arm will be twice the size of the other, and all your friends will know your dirty little secret. Also, it is probably not a good idea to masturbate whilst riding your bike or driving your car. If you ejaculate all over the windscreen your line of sight may be severely compromised, to say nothing of your control of the steering wheel.

Bearing these comments in mind, please continue masturbating. For young men, masturbation is also the best way to find out about condoms and thus how to have safe sex. The first time you ‘do it’ with a willing young lady, you should obviously use a condom, but you don’t want to be fumbling around wondering where the condom goes and how to use it. That can be very embarrassing. So make sure you have practised putting a condom on yourself. Masturbating with a condom is also an excellent way of varying the sensations. The same goes for the ladies. Before your first encounter, please make sure you know how to put a condom on a penis. If you do it for your boyfriend, that will add to the excitement of the situation. You can either practise on your boyfriend before you go ‘all the way’, or use a banana or similar object.. You can find out more about using condoms and how to have safe sex here

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