How to get a boyfriend

How to get a boyfriend? Don’t worry. It is just so easy. Now, finding the love of your life probably isn’t so easy. Finding a man you want to commit to, build a life with, have children with, that is a challenge. We aren’t talking about that here. In fact, if that is what you are looking for when you talk to a man, you will send out all the wrong signals and he will run a mile.

So forget about happy ever after and all that crap, and concentrate on how to get a boyfriend. Much less hassle, much less pressure, much more likelihood of success. And, of course, learning how to get a boyfriend is the first step to all that other stuff.

The female of the species has a distinct advantage over us poor downtrodden men in the battle of the sexes. There is a joke about all the things a man has to do to seduce a lady (the list is never-ending), and how to seduce a man. 1. Turn up naked. 2. Bring beer (optional).

A few weeks ago I saw a TV interview with Lady Astor, the first ever woman MP in the United Kingdom. She was asked how a woman should go about getting a man. Her reply was very instructional:

‘I guarantee any woman can get any man, and I’ll tell you how. Would you like to know? Tell me more about yourself (she leans towards the interviewer and smiles), and off they go.’

Of course, you have to pay attention to what he says. But that is ok. You are a woman, you’re already very good at listening. Listen, then remember what he says, make him feel even more important by showing him that you are paying attention, by repeating some of the things he says to show that you remember what he has said, and that what he has said is important to you.

Just one warning on how NOT to get a boyfriend. If you haven’t read it already, please read the page on Differences between Men and Women

Nightclubs and singles bars are NOT the best place to find your boyfriend. Too much alcohol, too much noise, too much competition, too much like a cattle market. If you want to go to a nightclub, fine, but don’t go there looking for a boyfriend. Just go and have fun and forget men for the evening.

So now let’s tie this subject of how to get a boyfriend together.

Firstly, make sure you are an attractive person. I’m not referring to looks. It doesn’t matter what you look like. What matters is that you FEEL attractive. You like yourself and have confidence and self-esteem. In turn, that will attract other people (of both sexes) to be around you. Be as comfortable to be around as old shoes. Like yourself, then others will like you and want to be around you.

If you do like yourself, go to step two. If you don’t like yourself, go to step two. What? I hear you asking. Who is this demented moron? The point is this: if you like yourself, step 2 is easy. If you don’t like yourself, by committing to step 2 you will learn to be more confident, like yourself more, and then step 2 will become easier and easier.

Step 2 is simply a numbers game. Talk to men, put yourself in situations where you will meet men. The more men you meet, the more men you talk to, the easier the process becomes, the faster you learn how to get a boyfriend, the faster you end up with the love of your life. So what if you don’t find it easy at first? Just do it. Relax, flirt, enjoy yourself, without thinking of the results. I will guarantee that within a few men you will know how to get a boyfriend. You never know your luck, you might even meet a Sex God like me.

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