Gender Differences

Gender differences are strange creatures. If I stand naked in my bedroom window and wave at the lady passing by, I will be arrested. If the same lady stands naked in her bedroom window and I pass by, I will be arrested. The battle of the sexes just isn’t fair.

Feminists and the politically-correct brigade are anxious to downplay gender differences. Men and women aren’t different, they tell us. We are merely programmed by our patriarchal, male-dominated society, to believe that men are superior to women. If we didn’t make our boys play with toy soldiers and fire engines, and our girls with dolls, things would be very different. Women would be just as good as men, just as wealthy, just as successful in politics and business.

I disagree with this. Gender differences do not make men better than women. Women are not an inferior sub-species. Anybody who has read many of these pages about the battle of the sexes will know that I think that women are vastly superior to men in most areas. We poor downtrodden males just can’t keep up. Gender differences simply mean that men and women are different. We should recognise the differences and celebrate them.

Personally, I blame the hormones. The feminists won’t like that. I will be condemned as a male chauvinist pig. But hormones are an essential part of gender differences. Testosterone, to be precise. Men have it and women don’t. Testosterone makes men more aggressive, driven, goal-oriented, willing to dominate their fellow man (and of course their fellow woman). Men want to get their own way, sometimes to the point of not caring who stands in their way. Men COMPETE because of testosterone. Everything has to be better, faster, harder, more expensive, noisier. Women laugh at men’s toys or ego at their own peril.

Testosterone means that men are physically stronger than women. ‘The best man for the job is a woman’, you may have heard, but not if the job is a security guard, fireman, policeman, or soldier.

Women don’t have testosterone. They have to use other methods to get their own way. They have to co-operate, use language, create relationships, develop superior verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They are less dominant, more nurturing. Sorry feminists, but this means that men are the hunter gatherers, the breadwinners, and women are the homemakers and mothers. Nothing to do with men being better than women, all to do with hormones and how they have shaped our genetic make-up.

This difference is emphasised by women who have higher than average levels of testosterone. They become more aggressive, more competitive, more successful in business and politics, less likely to want children. This means that these differences are not so much GENDER differences, but more HORMONAL differences.

Male and female brains are WIRED differently. This all has to do with a small area of the brain called the SPLENIUM. It is larger in women than men, and means that women use both hemispheres of the brain in decision making, whilst men just use one. So men think and make decisions using logic, together with a heightened sense of spatial relationships, whereas females also use emotion, language analysis, facial expression, body language and vocal intonation.

This makes communication different in the sexes. Men understand words, women also understand words but place much less importance on words than on a whole range of communication skills, including emotional relevance, visual cues, hidden meanings, indirect speech and a whole range of non-verbal cues. No wonder each sex despairs of understanding the other.

This article is continued on a separate page, where I discuss SEXUAL differences between men and women.

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