Cheating Spouse Revenge

Cheating spouse revenge is a very special kind of revenge in the battle of the sexes. Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. She wishes to remain anonymous, so let’s call her Rachel (actually her name is Amanda). She got married about five years ago to a wonderful man who was everything she had ever dreamed of. The only fault was that he was frequently away on business. They had a good lifestyle so she was prepared to put up with the inconvenience.

One weekend when he was away on another business trip she was invited to a dinner party. Whilst there she was extolling the praises of her wonderful husband when another lady mentioned that he sounded just like her friend’s husband. Anyway, she was showing everybody a photo of her man when the other lady went white. ‘I know him. He married my friend Jane six months ago.’ It was time for my friend Rachel to go white. ‘That’s not possible. He’s my husband.’

To cut a long story short, it turned out that this wonderful man was married to FIVE women at the same time, and they all lived within about ten miles of each other. Personally, I think being married to one woman is too much. Five is a tad excessive. Imagine having five mothers-in-law. Wishing five mothers-in-law on the bastard would be the perfect cheating spouse revenge in my book, but these five women got together and went one better.

It took quite a bit of arranging, but eventually the plan came together and they were ready. Rachel was the host, and while ‘hubby’ was at work various people arrived at their house. They all went upstairs and hid in a bedroom. Rachel, dressed in a sheer black negligee and nothing else, opened the door to her husband, and told him to make himself comfortable whilst she fixed him a drink. After the drink, she led him upstairs by the hand. By this time, he was visibly excited. She took him into the bedroom and carefully and slowly undressed him until he was naked. They enjoyed bondage games, so she tied both his hands to the bed, then she blindfolded him. His erection was harder and longer than she had ever seen it.

She asked to be excused. She needed to use the bathroom. She told him ‘Just lie there until I come back. I can’t wait to have you inside me.’ Then she left the room. Whilst hubby was lying spreadeagled on the bed, his erection straining against the air, her best friend quietly came into the room and started filming him. Then Rachel came back into the bedroom, but this time she was not alone. The four other wives came in with her, all wearing identical sheer black negligees. They all kept very quiet, so he had no idea what was happening.

Rachel said to their husband, ‘I didn’t pee. I thought you would like a special treat. Would you like me to pee all over you?’ He groaned and his erection twitched. ‘Oh yes darling, that would be wonderful.’ But he got rather more pee than he bargained for. Not ONE wife peed all over him, but all five at once, and every moment was caught on film, including the delicious moment when his excitement got the better of him and he exploded everywhere, untouched by human hand. And better was to come apparently. His face when they undid the blindfold was a picture. Now that is what I call cheating spouse revenge.

And that was just the beginning. This wonderful man is now serving six years in prison for multiple acts of bigamy, fraud and extortion.

And every word is true.

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