The best business to start?

So what was the best business to start? For some strange reason, as soon as I set up my email account I started getting loads of emails from people I didn’t know. Emails about porn, penis enlargement, viagra. Some kind person didn’t want me to miss his emails, so he sent me the same email 500 times a day. How considerate. There were even emails about the best business to start. I was already a Sex God, so I didn’t need a bigger penis, and I certainly didn’t need Viagra. But I read and studied EVERY email about a business opportunity.

All I had to do was sign up for a newsletter and get free information about every business opportunity under the sun. They all promised the same thing. Loads of money in no time at all, all I needed to do was spend $27, or $37, or $47. Sometimes even $1997. For some reason which I have never been able to fathom the number always ended in a 7. It was always in dollars, so I told myself that I was paying in Sterling, so it wasn’t really much money. Anyway, I would get my money back as soon as I sold a product. Every one of these opportunities was definitely the best business to start.

I persevered with these Get Rich Quick schemes for ages. I have never been a quitter, and I always understood that you had to work before you saw any results. But none of these Get Rich Quick schemes ever worked. I think the most money I made in a month was $10, and it cost me $47 to make that. Now I am supposed to be clever, but this was downright dumb. I was still looking for the best business to start, but quite honestly I didn’t know any more what that business was.

I did some brainstorming, and then had a Eureka moment. I would build a website about success, tell the stories of all these wonderful gurus who make so much money, and sell their products as an affiliate. What a brilliant idea. I just needed to learn html and sort out hosting, then write about these wonderful people, and make money. I spent weeks investigating html before I had another Eureka moment and realised that there is an easier way.

One of my first online ventures ten years ago was a website called which I built using SBI. The major attraction of this was that I didn’t need to know anything about html. I knew SBI worked very well because my site very quickly ended up on the first page of Google. I don’t remember much about that experience ten years ago except that I did extensive keyword research and wrote a few web pages. Then I was forced to give up for various reasons. But now I thought seriously about SBI and how it could be used to generate income.

Whilst I was looking at SBI, I ended up looking at this page That confirmed what I already knew. Sites built using SBI are very popular with the search engines. That solved my first problem of how to get traffic. That meant my idea of using SBI to build a profitable website was viable.

Then I looked at this page

And my decision was made. I had a couple of questions that I needed answering, so I clicked on the email button on that page and fired off my questions. What impressed me was that the email was answered not by a company representative, but by a young lady who actually owned four of her own SBI sites. I looked at her sites, saw how successful they were, and was sold. I did not see how I could go wrong. I could access a free trial of all the features I was looking for, without any risk to myself.

So in July 2010 I committed to building myself a profitable website, and you can see how I am getting on by clicking and reading some of the pages here. I spent some time doing detailed research using Solo Build It’s keyword research tools. That was a challenge, because it just proved that my wonderful ideas weren’t so wonderful after all, but I finally built my first page on 23 August 2010. As of the day of writing this (10 December 2010), this website is ranked 310,206 at Alexa. That is in the top third of the top one per cent of all websites on the Internet. For that, I have Solo Build It to thank. Have I chosen the best business to start? Only time will tell that. But I have definitely chosen the best tools to do it.

And guess what? You can do it too.

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