Alpo Chilli

by JustME

I was married to a man who was physically abusive and after a very big and embarrassing blow up in the K-mart parking lot, I knew I had to get one in before I left his sorry Carcass. So of course he did the usual apology bit for several days and the fake promises of that will never happen again. But I knew this time it wouldn't because Cinderella was leaving the ball for good. But before I left him and him being unaware that I was going to do so. I thought one last supper for in the morning I will be packing . So I let on like he was forgiven and told him to show him that I had forgiven him I would make one of his favorite dishes...Home made Chili..Spicy just the way he likes it. So after all the ingredients including extra Alpo Chunky..which I did grind up into smaller pieces..Just In case their is some one reading this who doesn't know what Alpo is..IT is DOG a can. So he ate and ate he was quite a pig at times. And he said, "Sweety aren't you going to eat", and I replied " No dear, not hungry" I am feeling a little beside myself tonight, besides I am just DOG tired. It is not poisonous to feed a man Dog Food, but it will make them nauseous and give them an awful case of the trots. Score one for Cinderella.

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