A Fitting Revenge

by Carol

I am not sure if this is so much a story of revenge but one of "you reap what you sow." Twenty-three years on with my husband he was quietly cheating on me. While all of this was happening he continued to participate in activities that were meant to secure our financial future. Over the past few years we had acquired many properties. We purchased an apartment building and a foreclosure that we renovated ourselves which was beautiful but he called it a piece of crap. We also owned a rental property with a trailer that was free and clear.

When my husband left, he let me know 3 days before he moved (5 days after I had lost my job) and he had already planned out how he wanted to divide the property. He was not a very smart person when it came to finances. He wanted the trailer property which was worth about $25,000. I would keep our home (the foreclosure - mortgage $65,000) and the apartment building (mortgage - $139,000). I know his thinking was that each of these properties were worth only what we owed on them. I knew better.

I argued a bit and made him think he was getting a better deal but agreed and we signed separation papers. Fast forward a year later. Assessment of the foreclosure = $129,000 and the apartment house = $170,000. Possible net profit = $94,000.

A fitting revenge...I think so.

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Oct 31, 2015
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Nov 06, 2010
Serves the b***tard right
by: Charles Evans

Great revenge story. I hope you have told the evil so-and-so the new figures.

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