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'If a man is alone in the desert, hundreds of miles from the nearest lady, is he still a liar?'

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You may have noticed there have been riots in the United Kingdom recently. If you are wondering what riots have to do with the battle of the sexes, allow me to explain. My apologies if this is a bit of a political rant. The liberal-minded will not like what I have to say.

Riots? Men being superfluous? It is no coincidence that the UK has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Europe. I don’t know the statistics, but I guess that the UK also has the highest number of single mothers in Europe. Now, it takes two to tango, so it is safe to say that the vast majority of babies had a man present at their conception. I know that we poor downtrodden men are useless at most things, but I am fairly sure that only a small percentage of babies are the result of test-tube fertilisation. But it seems to be a maxim nowadays that women do not need a man to help bring up their children.

I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. What I am going to say is hardly ‘politically correct’, but I don’t care. Gay men can adopt children, lesbian couples can adopt children. In fact, with sperm donors everywhere, they can even have their own children. I’m all for equality of opportunity for gay people, and equality for homosexuals in all things. But not in this. It is not natural for lesbian couples to have children. It is not natural for gay men to have children. In fact, ignoring the sperm donors for a moment, it is not possible. If it isn’t possible in nature, perhaps we should take the hint. We mess with nature at our peril.

The natural thing is for a child to have two parents, a mother and a father. The mother provides the love and the nurture. The father provides the backbone and the moral fibre to a family. The father teaches his children what is right and what is wrong and teaches his children responsibility, both by his words but more especially by his actions. Young people need a role model, and that position is ideally filled by their father.

We dispense with fathers at our peril. Look at all the people arrested for rioting and for looting, and I will guarantee you a preponderance of children from single parent families. They have a mother but no father. Nobody to provide the moral backbone which is so essential to the family unit. So you see, we poor downtrodden men are not as useless and superfluous as many would tell us.

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I guess that most of us of a certain age have been through relationship breakups. What do we do with the debris from our relationships? I have a photo of my ex (you will recognize her by now as ‘The Bitch’) which I throw darts at. I rarely miss. But why would people collect all the damage and put it in a museum? This article from the UK Daily Mail is hilarious and tragic at the same time. Museum of Broken Hearts

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