Remembrance Sunday

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As I write this, it is Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom, the day when we remember the fallen from the First World War and subsequent conflicts. There have been stories in the news today of the heroism of many, but I want to concentrate here on the social effects of the loss of life in the First World War.

Suddenly, a whole generation of young women found that there were no men available for them to marry. The 1921 census in the United Kingdom found 19,803,022 women and 18,082,220 men in England and Wales, a difference of 1.72 million. There were simply too many women and too few men. The women who were the victims of this inequality became known as the "Surplus Two Million". In 1931 50% of these women were still single.

Now what happens when you have too many of one gender and not enough of the other? Obviously, the minority (in this case, the men) have more options. They get to choose who they want. For a man, this is like dying and going to Heaven. Normally, we poor downtrodden men have to chase the ladies, and the ladies can take their pick and relax while we men run around like headless chickens trying to get laid. Indeed, my website deals with this and urges men to create a situation where it is the women who are chasing them.

At the risk of sounding insensitive (and I have relatives who were killed in the First World War), a World War in which all the men die (and remember that the end of the war also coincided with the massive Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918) is the ideal way to get around this problem. What happens when the women have to chase the men? They have to try harder. Play hard to get when there aren’t enough men and a girl has a problem. She ends up a lonely old spinster sitting in front of the fire and playing with her knitting needles.

In this situation, a girl has to be more proactive. That means more sex for the men, and the girls going out of their way to keep their man happy. You see the same situation today where attractive girls are so often useless at sex, because they have plenty of attention and never need to learn the skills of making love to a man, whilst the older woman or the less attractive one HAS to get good at sex.

So the next time you think about your grandparents or great-grandparents, remember that they had sex too (I know, we don’t like thinking about our grannies having sex), and that the woman had to be better at attracting a mate than she needs to be now. That meant that she probably had to be more attractive physically, had more sexual knowledge than the present generation and had to use it, and her man was very lucky indeed.

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Beware of women drivers, so we men are occasionally heard to say when the wife isn't listening. But apparently we men should not be afraid of women drivers at all. They do have accidents, but it is OTHER women drivers they crash into. Women Drivers

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