Manipulate and Deceive

'What do you call two hundred men at the bottom of the sea? A good start.'

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When it comes to honesty there is a common assumption on the part of The Enemy that men are liars. Indeed I am reminded of the old joke, ‘How do you know when a man is lying? His lips are moving.’ But when it comes to deceit and the ability to manipulate people and situations, men come a poor second to the masters of this art form, the females of the species. This is best demonstrated by the following joke.

A man and a woman crash their cars. The two cars are a total write-off but fortunately neither of the drivers is hurt. They both crawl out of their cars and survey the damage. The woman says to the man, ‘We are so lucky. God is smiling at us today. It was a miracle we both survived that.' The man is rather pleased that the woman is taking it so well, as the accident was definitely his fault. ‘And look,’ says the woman. ‘Another miracle. My bottle of wine hasn’t been damaged. We must have a drink to celebrate our good fortune.’ So she hands the bottle to the man, and he drinks half of it very quickly. He hands the bottle back to the woman, and says ‘Your turn. This wine is really nice.’ ‘It’s all right,’ the woman says. ‘I don’t want any yet. I think I’ll just wait for the police.’

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The first of my submission pages for visitors to my site has been attracting some attention. It is all about getting revenge. Some of the submissions are hilarious, one in particular is heartrending. You can check it out here:
Getting Revenge

On the subject of revenge, I recently saw an article in the Daily Mail by British TV celebrity Janet Street-Porter. It isn't quite all about the battle of the sexes, but it is well worth a read.

Janet Street-Porter on Revenge

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