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'A bachelor is a man who has missed the opportunity to make a woman miserable.'

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First impressions are important. That’s probably because our ancestors had to make very quick judgments when they came across a new person or a new situation. You need to work out very quickly if the bear you have just met is likely to be friendly. Similarly with that lion on the savannah. First impressions aren’t as crucial now, but they are still important.

You only ever get one chance to make a first impression. If you are a man on a date, it probably isn’t a good idea to fart loudly as you shake her hand. It also isn’t a good idea to contradict everything she says, get very drunk very quickly, or turn up smelling like a decomposing skunk with halitosis.

Do you want to make a good first impression? Be clean, smart, well-groomed. If you stand out from the crowd (a little, not a lot), so much the better. Men, if you are meeting your date in a bar where everybody is casually dressed, it does you no harm whatever to turn up wearing a three-piece suit, nicely pressed shirt, and smart tie. She won’t forget that first impression in a hurry.

I have often wondered what women look for in men, how a man can make a good first impression. It starts with being confident and relaxed. Hold your head up high and be proud of who you are, and you will create a good first impression. Women like men who are confident and assertive, but not too aggressive. A man who knows what he wants is attractive. He needs to have a personality and a sense of humour. He must be well-groomed. T-shirts are definitely a turn-off, and so are trainers or shorts. Women assess men very quickly, and they like to see a man wearing nice shoes. They like to see a man wearing a nice watch (not necessarily an expensive or designer watch) with a nice shirt and trousers, not jeans.

A man needs to be comfortable in his own skin and relaxed. If he isn’t relaxed the people around him won’t relax in his company. Nervousness isn’t nice to see, and it makes other people nervous as well. Nobody wants to be around a nervous man who doesn’t smile, doesn’t look people in the eye, or has his head down staring at the floor. If he is relaxed and having fun, she will be relaxed and have fun as well.

Of course, if you make an awful first impression, there may still be some hope for you. But your life will be a lot easier if you make a good first impression.

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All men lie, we hear from time to time. But then women are deceitful and manipulative. So who is more moral, men or women? This article from the Daily Telegraph pretends to know the answer Are women more moral than men?

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