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I enjoy a game of chess when I am not gainfully employed as a Sex God and the greatest lover since Casanova. I am a member of a chess club here in Milton Keynes. The standard of play is very high. There are players in the club who can play on equal terms with virtually anybody.

I went to the chess club last week. One of the older men there happened to mention that he comes to the club to get away from women. Getting away from women is, you must admit, a noble occupation for us poor downtrodden men. But when he said it, something struck me very forcefully, and for a change it wasn’t the female of the species hitting me over the head with a blunt object. The reason that it wasn’t a female hitting me over the head was quite simple. There weren’t any females at the chess club. There never are.

I made a few enquiries, and it transpired that there are NO female members of the chess club. I realised that I don’t know any females who play chess. Further enquiries in a scientific forum (the bar of the club) revealed that the reason for there being no female chess players was obvious. They don’t have the brains for it.

And as I figuratively duck for cover in the face of the howls of indignation from my female subscribers, let me emphasise that it is not MY VIEW that women don’t have the brains to play chess. But it WAS the view of some of the men in the bar, and it wasn’t entirely a facetious view. Some of those men obviously did believe that women can’t play chess because they don’t have the brains for it.

Food for thought, and worthy of further investigation. So, like any good investigator, I came home and googled ‘female chess players’. I found some fascinating stuff, including the fact that there are a lot of world-class female chess players. According to Wikipedia, there are 133 female chess grandmasters. And there is an article here which you may find interesting.

Female chess players

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