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As you no doubt remember, I am a Sex God and the greatest lover since Casanova. One of my key weapons in the battle of the sexes is chivalry. That is because so few men ever exercise this gentle art. Women are not at all used to being treated like ladies, so the man who treats them well, who is chivalrous, who goes out of his way to be helpful and polite, has a head start in wooing and winning the fair sex.

It is the little things which are so important. Open a door for a lady, and that is better than any chat-up line. Hold her umbrella for her when it is raining, and you make the sun shine on her day. Go on a date with a lady, and call her afterwards to make sure she got home ok, and you are sure to make a lasting impression. Treat her like a lady, and she loves it. She wants to be with a gentleman, not a man with no manners. Prove to her that you are a gentleman, and you are more than half way to winning her heart and her body.

Does she get cold when you are out late? Give her your jacket to wrap around her and keep her warm. Use your car to show her that you are a gentleman. When you pull up outside her door, don’t just reach over and open the passenger door from inside the car. Actually get out of the car, go to her side, and open the door for her. A little thing, and easily forgotten, but then, as I have already said, SHE won’t forget these little courtesies.

And when you take her home afterwards, don’t make her walk to the car. Tell her to wait inside the restaurant or theatre and then bring the car to her. Make her comfort and convenience the most important thing in your life.

And never ever lie to her and never ever let her down. Let her see that your word is your bond. If you say you are going to call her at 5:30pm, then call her at 5:30 pm. Not twenty past five, not twenty to six. 5:30pm on the dot. That way she soon learns to trust you. If you are going to meet her, be on time. It is rude to make a lady wait, but more importantly you need to gain her trust, and this is a very simple (if not necessarily easy) way to do it.

And never ever cheat on her. It just isn’t cool. It’s all about integrity. It takes a lifetime to prove that you have integrity, and but a moment to prove that you don’t have it. Would you rather be remembered as a gentleman with integrity, or as a cad who lied his way through life?

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Of course, we men know that the proper place for the female of the species is in the home, taking care of the children and the housework. Girls who have a career only do so because they are ugly and can't find themselves a decent man. This provocative study proves it. Girls only want a career because they can't attract a man

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