Billy the Sperm

'I take my wife out every night. Unfortunately she always finds her way home.'

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Billy the Sperm was different. Whilst all the other sperm sat around drinking and smoking cigarettes, Billy was an athlete. He worked out all the time. He was the strongest, fittest sperm who ever lived. One of his friends asked him why he bothered. Didn't he know they would all be dead within a couple of days? Billy was surprised. 'I have no intention of dying. When the time comes I will swim faster and longer than any of you, I will find that egg and impregnate it. I will live for ever. I will be immortal.'

Soon after, they felt the familiar rumbling and off they went. Billy was first out of the blocks, swimming hard and strong. Soon he was out of sight. Then the other sperm saw something very odd. Billy was swimming back toward them. 'Get back, get back,' he shouted. 'IT'S A BLOW JOB!!'

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Love comes in many guises. Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world, if that love is requited. Unrequited love is probably the worst of all possible feelings. But one kind of love is very strange indeed. Women who have been abducted very often develop strong feelings for their kidnapper, sometimes to the point of falling in love with him and/or having his children. This weird type of love has its own name, 'Stockholm Syndrome'. Read this article from to find out more.

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The Greatest Lover since Casanova

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