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battle of the sexes

My name is Charles. As I write this, I am 54 and single. I have definitely lost the battle of the sexes. But as all you ladies out there know, we men never admit defeat. Boys, that is my first piece of advice to you. Never admit defeat. In fact, never admit anything. You know you’ll get blamed anyway. We poor guys can never hope to win the battle of the sexes, but at least we can put up a bit of a fight.

I was in bed with my girlfriend a few months ago, wondering what subject to write about for this website. I asked her ‘What am I good at?’ She didn’t reply, so I poked her in the ribs to wake her up. ‘Sorry,’ she said, I was just dreaming about Mel Gibson.’ I was definitely losing this battle.

‘I said, what am I good at..’ She thought for a few seconds, then looked at me. ‘Actually, there is one thing you do better than anyone I have ever known.’ I knew this was true, as I am without doubt the greatest lover the world has seen since Casanova. I waited for her to say it.

‘You are the best listener I have ever come across. When I’m talking, I know you are listening to me, I know you remember what I say. You make me feel like I’m the only person on the planet.’ I knew this was the time for some selective hearing. What I heard was ‘You are the greatest lover since Casanova. You know more about women and their needs than anyone I have ever met.’ So this website was born. I reviewed my experiences with the fairer sex (otherwise known as ‘The Enemy’) , and decided that the world needs to know about the battle of the sexes.

Ok, ladies, I know this makes me a typical man. You say something, we don’t listen. We just hear what we want to hear. You say ‘Put the trash out’, we think ‘Mmm, haven’t had sex for an awful long time. Almost two days now. Haven’t had a blow job for over a week now. Her sister was giving me the eye last week. I bet she’d give me a blow job…..’

So now that I have established my credentials, it is time to be serious for a moment. Don’t think for a second that I don’t like women, I love them all. The battle of the sexes is tilted far too much in favour of the female, so this site helps us poor downtrodden males to redress the balance.

There is loads of serious stuff here about men and women. Stuff about communication, love, sex and relationships. Men need all the help they can get, and there’s lots of help here for men. But ladies, you are not neglected, there is lots here for you as well. There’s also lots of fun about the battle of the sexes, jokes and outrageous stuff like revenge.

I have already lost the battle of the sexes myself, so I will be looking for lots of help from all of you. You will be asked for your contributions to this site. I hope you will all contribute to making this a worthwhile project. Somewhere you can get help understanding and dealing with the opposite sex (The Enemy) and have a lot of fun as well. And, as with any battle, there will be casualties along the way, and probably lots of blood. Things will inevitably turn nasty. Bodies will be left strewn about the battlefield. You have been warned.

Please bookmark this site, then start clicking on the links on the left. Men should start with ‘Mars and Venus’, but will probably click on 'Sex', ladies click on ‘ladies only’ or ‘revenge’. When the battle of the sexes depresses you, click on ‘jokes’ .

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